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2014-02-14, 21:20
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There is a theory of unintended consequences. We have to hope the No side are suffering under its effects otherwise they are doomed to ricochet off the sides of fate like one of the Sochi athletes in the Metal-Tray Downhill Helter Skelter. (Britain got bronze)

First David Cameron, proudly gripping a lectern emblazoned with the name of what is now Scotland’s only official pro-Union university – Glasgow Caley- told us he loved us (I paraphrase) and we shouldn’t leave because the people of Britain were our family and were pleading with us not to desert them. This brings to mind his declaration of loyalty to the NHS when he underwent the transforming trauma of losing his young son and numbskulls like me fought back the instinct to blub. Now I weep at the idea I fell for it as I see the NHS sold off to Mitt Romney.

It was…

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2014-02-12, 18:45
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If the ConDem + New Labour are three cheeks of an arse (and there is not a rolling-paper between them) then UKIP is certainly the ring-piece.

The Slog.

facadebeerfinalHOISTLINEOh dear oh dear, but nobody is coming out of this Somerset Levels scandal at all well, are they? Breaking this morning was the news that, in the European Parliament, when British Tory MEPs had the chance, they voted overwhelmingly AGAINST maintaining Somerset’s flood defences. And Noah Farage himself was so passionate about retaining prime farming land, he er went down the brasserie with a few mates for a couple of jars and some jolly haw-haw-haw.

Stout defender of British democracy in the face of Brussels fascism Dan Hannan also voted AGAINST. So come on down Dan: now we have more water available, “LET’S GET FRACKING!”

My God but they are a shower, are they not? None of them give AFF about the survival of an Independent Britain, and none of them ever tell the truth. No wonder over 25 Slog Tweetaunts went unacknowledged yesterday: silence can be golden, but…

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The Bank of England has confirmed that economic forecasting is basically impossible
2014-02-12, 17:16
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