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2015-11-13, 11:56
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Overall, it’s a good job millions are leaving Syria, because without that there’d have been no room for all the foreigners now variously fighting, garroting and shooting the crap out of each other
«Yes, I think I can safely say that there’s only been one thing worse than Camerlot and the Ed Miller Band over the last five years, and that’s the electorate which sat back and watched them screw up everything they were given to do.»

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Them and Us

The only thing to be said in favour of the British Establishment is that, whether we like it or not, they have the electoral mandate to be doing it.

As three million Europeans signed a petition to stop TTIP, nobody in the bubble noticed. They do, after all, have a lot to think about in there, so a few scribbled autographs from NVE troublemakers come way down the list of priorities.

Portugal is in just about the most predictable constitutional crisis since Edward VIII decided to marry an American cross-dresser called Wally. The majority of legislators there want defiance, but the collaborators don’t. In Poland, the Party of Tusk has been put out to grass, with the new leader treading the same path as Hungary’s Viktor Orban – defiance. Catalonia has been told to stop being silly, and offered junk credit status by Fitch; its response has…

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Matron Dugdale’s Bide-a-Wee Mitigation Care Home
2015-11-12, 10:18
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Scotland may come under a barrage of criticism for our supposed love of deep fried food, but at least we don’t vote Tory

«Being force fed red pills and blue pills means that periodically Scotland comes down with a bout of the Tories. We live in a country whose body politic is sick and ill, infected by the disease of Toriness giein us the gyp and the humph. Symptoms include weakness, depression, raging anger, and projectile vomiting whenever Fluffymundell comes on the telly and does his colonial governor act. It’s a raging epidemic, when we’ve got one of our regular attack of the Tories thousands of people aren’t able to go into work, because they discover that they’ve been made redundant.»

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