Rat's Nest

Matron Dugdale’s Bide-a-Wee Mitigation Care Home
2015-11-12, 10:18
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Scotland may come under a barrage of criticism for our supposed love of deep fried food, but at least we don’t vote Tory

«Being force fed red pills and blue pills means that periodically Scotland comes down with a bout of the Tories. We live in a country whose body politic is sick and ill, infected by the disease of Toriness giein us the gyp and the humph. Symptoms include weakness, depression, raging anger, and projectile vomiting whenever Fluffymundell comes on the telly and does his colonial governor act. It’s a raging epidemic, when we’ve got one of our regular attack of the Tories thousands of people aren’t able to go into work, because they discover that they’ve been made redundant.»

[Matron Dugdale’s Bide-a-Wee Mitigation Care Home]



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