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Foreign Relations As Bar Fight
2016-12-22, 17:29
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Hey, you wanna hear a good joke?

The New York Times mongers some more war: Muted U.S. Response to China’s Seizure of Drone Worries Asian Allies.

It’s possible they don’t think that’s what they’re doing. Is it competition for clicks? Inability to get enough mental distance from the Washington “blob” that Obama has said he would like to change?

The assumptions behind the idea that a significant public response is necessary to real or imagined slight are the same as those behind bar fights. “You looking at me funny?” No slight can be allowed to pass without retribution. The veneer of a rationale is that a show of force is necessary to prevent future bad behavior. However, political science has shown again and again that states behave in their best interests, which usually have little to do with the behavior of others. Here’s one of many good articles on that subject.

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Tom Watson MP Deletes Tweet – Fr Tony McSweeney/Grafton Close/Richmond Council/Vaz
2016-12-06, 18:27
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4 Nov 2016 Deleted about 15 hours ago after over 1 year Why?   Truthseeker1 Retweeted   Tweets MPs Delete ‏@deletedbyMPs 14h14 hours ago DT tom_watson: RT ExaroNews: Tony McSweeney, who worked as p…

Source: Tom Watson MP Deletes Tweet – Fr Tony McSweeney/Grafton Close/Richmond Council/Vaz

I’ve reached the point that I need help from the #foodbank. Something inside me has died
2016-11-21, 23:36
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I'm a JSA Claimant

Food bank use is at record high says the headlines. Trussell Trust released figures recently that show that 1,109,309 three day parcels were handed out. The primary reasons are shown below.


For nearly 3 years now I’ve been tweeting about food banks and the efforts made by local communities to support them. For almost 3 years I have shown examples of families who have needed them, some with dramatic stories that normally involve the DWP or another Government department not doing their job or being overly officious. For all that time I have tried not to become one of their statistics but now it has reached a point where I feel I have no choice.

Mine is not a headline grabbing story. Rather it is one of slowly getting into more debt, by a few pounds here and there each week. Since I went off JSA I have struggled to…

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Matron Dugdale’s Bide-a-Wee Mitigation Care Home
2015-11-12, 10:18
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Scotland may come under a barrage of criticism for our supposed love of deep fried food, but at least we don’t vote Tory

«Being force fed red pills and blue pills means that periodically Scotland comes down with a bout of the Tories. We live in a country whose body politic is sick and ill, infected by the disease of Toriness giein us the gyp and the humph. Symptoms include weakness, depression, raging anger, and projectile vomiting whenever Fluffymundell comes on the telly and does his colonial governor act. It’s a raging epidemic, when we’ve got one of our regular attack of the Tories thousands of people aren’t able to go into work, because they discover that they’ve been made redundant.»

[Matron Dugdale’s Bide-a-Wee Mitigation Care Home]


Let’s Make Shoezones’s Workfare Scheme Fall Apart Faster Than Their Shoes
2014-03-14, 12:01
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the void

workfare-stick-up Shoezone are in the firing line on social media over their use of unpaid workers after @boycottworkfare tweeted the latest list of companies using Traineeships to avoid paying their staff.

Traineeship are the latest attempt by the Tories to introduce workfare for private companies by stealth.  There is no pretence that Traineeships will lead to a real job with proper wages.  According to the DWP these schemes, which can involve up to six months of unpaid work, are to ‘prepare’ people for becoming Apprentices, at below the minimum wage.

George Osborne announced before Christmas that young, unemployed people between the age of 18 and 21 will be forced to attend either a Traineeship, other unpaid work experience position or face a Community Work Placement.  That means young people who refuse to work in Shoezone for free will be forced to carry out 780 hours community work instead – for…

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